Nutritive Value Calculation–Recipes


..: Recipe: Prints a list of the recipe ingredients by descending order of weight (if necessary, will print ingredient by percentage (%) and the preparation method), the recipe cost, the list of ingredients (components) and allergens.

You can choose among those three (3) reports:
        ingredients + method
        recipe cost
        list of ingredients

..: Detailed Nutritive Value: Prints a list of the nutrient content for each ingredient of the recipe. For each nutrient, the total quantity per serving and the total quantity for the recipe are provided.

You can choose among these three (3) profiles:
        profile 1 (standard nutrients)
        profile 2 (fatty acids, etc.)
        profile 3 (amino acids, carbohydrates, etc.)

..: Nutrition Analysis Report: Prints an analysis of the content per serving of each nutrient according to the selected standard.
Nota-The symbol indicates that some values are missing.

You can choose between those two (2) types of reports:
        standard nutrient
        other nutrients

PRO version - Nutrition Labelling

..: Nutrition Labelling: Prints the nutritive value of the recipe as a Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) sample including all permitted information.
You can choose between the Canadian format and the American format .  

..: Nutrient Content Claims: Prints nutrient content claims and health claims allowed by law.
You can choose between the Canadian regulation and the American regulation

..: Nutrition Facts Table (NFT): Prints a Nutrition Facts Table according to the selected format.
You can choose between the Canadian format and the American format
For Canadian formats, you should choose the desired table (French-English or English-French) thereafter.

See also: Nutrition Labelling-Available Formats