Nutritive Value Calculation–Recipes


..: Code: the code (optionnal) that identifies the recipe.

..: Recipe name: the name that identifies the recipe.

..: Category: the category that classifies the recipe.

..: Yield: the number of recipe servings, or the serving size in g (weight as prepared or weight as sold).

..: Cooking loss: % of weight loss due to evaporation during cooking.

..: Nutrient retention: % of nutrient retention to apply to the final nutritive value of the recipe.
You can select from values of the Table of Nutrient Retention Factors by pressing the research key.

..: Standard: the standard used to evaluate the nutritive value of the recipe.
You can choose the standards displayed by checking or unchecking the options at the right of the screen.

The default standard is determined with the option Settings-Display.

..: Completed by...: the name of the person who completed the information.

..: Creation date: the data creation date displays automatically.

..:  If you want to add your recipe to the product database, select [Add this recipe to product database]. The recipe will then appear in the category “Personal Recipes."
Nota-Measuring units associated with this new food will consider the weight loss (if necessary).

..:   If necessary, you can save a copy of the recipe by selecting [Save]. You can then save your document anywhere (.rec file).
Attention! If an error message appears and the file cannot be saved, it is probably because the name of the file (and therefore the name of the recipe or the name of the category) contains a special character that cannot be put in a filename. Just change this special character so that everything comes back in order.

..:  If necessary, you can open a recipe already saved by selecting [Open]. You can then recover your document where it had been previously saved through this software module.

..:   If necessary, you can export the recipe's data in an Excel™ (.xls) file by selecting [Export Excel™].

PRO version - Nutritional Labelling

..: Reference amount: the reference amount (used to determine Nutrient Contain Claims) corresponding to your product according to the actual regulations:
Canada: Food and Drug Regulation of Canada - FDR
USA: Code of Federal Regulations - Title 21 - Food and Drugs 
You can select from a predefined list by pressing the research key.

For the selected reference amount of your product, a confirmation will be required for equivalence in weight (g) as sold.

..: Serving size: serving size in French (optional for the USA) and English.

..: Servings per container: the number of servings per container (optional for Canada).

Multiposte version

..: The possibility to add recipe to the product database is not always available.

Under administrator access, this option is always available.
Under user access, this option is available only if the appropriate item is selected in the window [Customization] in the top of the screen.
It is important to note that the software will act differently if the user has an administrator access or a user type access.

See also: Settings-Parameters