Nutritive Value Calculation–Recipes


..: To find an ingredient, you can search:

..: You can choose the database(s) that will be displayed by checking or unchecking the options to the right of the screen.

    Personal Data
    Canadian Nutrient File (CNF)
    National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (USDA)
    French Food Composition Table (CIQUAL)
    Tanzania Food Composition Tables
    WorldFood2 (INFOODS)
    Industrial Ingredients Database

..: You can add items to product database by selecting the addition icon.

..: To select an ingredient, click on a product and, on the right side of the screen, indicate the right quantity, and then select the desired unit.

..: You can sort the items according to various parameters: product and quantity.

..:  You can delete an ingredient from the recipe.

..:  You can copy an ingredient from the recipe.

..: By selecting this icon, you can display, for each ingredient :

Version multiposte

..: The possibility to add item to the product database is not always available.

Under administrator access, this option is always available.
Under user access, this option is available only if the appropriate item is selected in the window [Customization] in the top of the screen.
It is important to note that the software will act differently if the user has an administrator access or a user type access.

See also: Settings-Parameters