Nutritive Value Calculation–Dietary Evaluations

Reports–Evaluation Group

..: This option makes it possible to calculate the average nutritive value of a group of evaluations.

..: You can choose the different evaluations at the left of the screen.

To add an evaluation to the group of evaluations.
To remove an evaluation fromthe group of evaluations.

..: Description - Evaluation Group: a description of the evaluation group.

..: DRI: the standard used to evaluate the nutritive value of the evaluation group.

..: Nutrition Analysis Report : Prints an analysis of the content (by day) of each nutrient according to the selected standard.
Nota-The symbol indicates that some values are missing.

You can choose among these four (4) types of reports:
        standard nutrients
        other nutrients
        simplified report: nutrition analysis
        simplified report: calorie distribution

..: You can print the selected evaluations.

..: You can also visualize a printing preview.

Multiposte version

..: You can open [Open] the different files containing the selected evaluations.