Nutritive Value Calculation–Dietary Evaluations


..: List of consumed foods: Prints a list of the evaluation's foods by descending order of weights, sorted by meal (if necessary, will print notes).
You can also find the distribution of calories in percentages (%).

..: Detailed Nutritive Value: Prints a list of the nutrient content for each food of the evaluation. For each nutrient, the total quantity per meal and the total quantity for the evaluation are provided.

You can choose among those three (3) profiles:
        profile 1 (standard nutrients)
        profile 2 (fatty acids, etc.)
        profile 3 (amino acids, carbohydrates, etc.)

..: Nutrition Analysis Report : Prints an analysis of the content of each nutrient according to the selected standard.
Nota-The symbol indicates that some values are missing.

You can choose among these four (4) types of reports:
        standard nutrients
        other nutrients
        simplified report: nutrition analysis
        simplified report: calorie distribution