Nutrition Labelling–PRO version

Calculation of Surface Area Available for Labelling

..: This option makes it possible to calculate the surface area available for labelling for any package.
By selecting a geometrical form, you will be able to calculate its surface.
You can add or withdraw other calculations in order to determine the surface area available for labelling your package

..: To select the result of these calculations as the value of surface area available for label, click on the button in the top of the screen.

..: You can print the calculations.

..: You can also visualize a printing preview.

CANADA Version

..: Brief descriptions of the points to be included in the calculations and those that can be excluded from the calculations are described below.
This is only a summary. For more details on how to calculate the Available Display Surface (ADS), you should consult the regulations.

The available display surface (ADS) excludes:

  • any area of the package where a label cannot be physically applied;
  • any continuous surface of 12 cm² or less, provided this continuous surface does not already have, printed on it, mandatory, optional or promotional labelling;
  • any part of a label that is destroyed when you open the container, except if the product is intended to be eaten at a single eating occasion (single serving containers);
  • the area occupied by the Universal Product Code (UPC or bar code);
  • any area where information cannot be legibly set out or easily viewed by the purchaser under customary conditions of purchase.

The available display surface (ADS) includes:

  • the area which is physically available for labelling, including all surfaces on which information can be legibly set out;
  • the bottom surface of a container, if the contents will not leak or be damaged when the package is turned over;
  • transparent parts of the package (except cut out spaces or open windows).