How to?

How to add an item to the product database?

..: To add a new item to the product database, you have to:

  1. Select, upon Management Tools, the [Modify the product database] option.

  2. Click on the [Create] button.

  3. Enter the required information in the [Description] tab.

    • You must fill the name, the group and the reference of the product (mandatory fields).
    • You have to fill the price if you want to calculate the food cost of a recipe.
    • You can create conversion card by selecting the addition icon.

      If there is no conversion cards, basics cards will be ceated (g and kg). Otherwise, this option will allow you to create a custom conversion card. However, you should pay attention to detail in the definition of these conversions. You can inspire yourself with data founded under the [Composition Table] option, selecting Conversion Table for a given item.
      The measure units for which exist conversion cards correspond to measure units that can be selected if the item is included in a recipe or a dietary evaluation.

  4. Select the [Nutritive Value for 100g] tab.

    • You must insert one by one the different values for different nutrients for 100 g (edible part). The shaded boxes correspond to nutrients that must appear in a Nutrition Facts Table (NFT).
    • If you can't find a food in the database, then you need to find the nutritional value of this product and then create a new item in the database.

      It is necessary to pay attention to the measure units that can vary for certain nutrients.
      If no value is entered, it will be technically considered as a mathematical 0, but it will be also identified in different places as a missing value (a data for which there is no value).