4:0 fatty acid with 4 carbon atoms and zero (0) double bond
ADS Available Display Surface
Ala alanine
Alco alcohol
AP as purchased
Arg arginine
Asp aspartame
Asp.Ac aspartic acid
B6 vitamin B6
B12 vitamin B12
Bet betaine
Bio biotine
BMI Body Mass Index
Ca calcium
Caf caffein
CHO carbohydrates
Cho choline
Chol cholesterol
cm centimetre
CNF Canadian Nutrient File
Cu copper
Cys cystine
DFE Dietary Folate Equivalent
DRI Dietary Reference Intake
Ener energy
EP edible part
FAT lipids
FDR Food and Drug Regulation of Canada
Fe iron
FibT total fibre
FolT total folate
Fru fructose
g gram
Gal galactose
Glu glucose
Glu.Ac glutamic acid
Gly glycine
H2O water
His histidine
Hyd hydroxyproline
I iodine
in inches (imperial measure unit)
Iso isoleucine
IU International Unit
J joule
K potassium
kg kilogram
L liter
Lac lactose
lbs pounds (imperial measure unit)
Leu leucine
Lys lysine
Malt maltose
Met methionine
MFA Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
Mg magnesium
MJ megajoule
mL millilitre
Mn manganese
n-3 omega-3 fatty acids
n-6 omega-6 fatty acids
Na sodium
NE Niacin Equivalent
NFT Nutrition Facts Table
Nia niacin
Oxa.Ac oxalic acid
OthT total other sugars
P phosphorus
PA Physical Activity Coefficient
PAL Physical Activity Level
Pant pantothenic acid
PFA Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Phe phenylalanine
PRO proteins
Prol proline
Qty quantity
RAE Retinol Activity Equivalent
Raf raffinose
RDI Recommended Daily Intake
RE Retinol Equivalent
Ref. reference
Ribo riboflavin
RNI Recommended Nutrient Intake
SAlco sugar alcohols
Se selenium
Ser serine
SFA Saturated Fatty Acids
Stac stachyose
Star starch
Sterols phytosterols
Sucr sucrose
SugA added sugars
SugT total sugars
Theob theobromine
Thia thiamin
Thre threonine
Trans trans fatty acids
Try tryptophan
Tyr tyrosine
UPC Universal Product Code
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
Val valine
VitA vitamin A
VitC vitamin C
VitD vitamin D
VitE vitamin E
VitK vitamin K
Zn zinc